Dear: CALM in the Summer Parents and Students,


Our first day of summer school was fantastic!  We would like to clarify that CALM 20 in the Summer is a bundled course.  It consists of 4 separate courses.  TheThe mark breakdown is as follows:


Mark Breakdown:



Activities & Reflections 40 points

Projects 50 points

Final Reflection 10 points


CTR 1010

Job Search 50 points

Building a Portfolio 20 points

Applying for Jobs 25 points

Interviews 5 points


HCS 3000

Training Room 1 20 points

Training Room 2 30 points

Training Room 3 50 points


HCS 3010

Safety Reference 30 points

Quizzes 70 points


You will receive 4 separate marks in your grade book.  These marks will not be averaged as each course stands alone.  All of the required course work is still available under the heading "CALM in the Summer.  Parents who would like to view your child’s grade book, this feature will available next week.  Please stay tuned for how to access.


Thank you,


~The 2015 Summer School Team~




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